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Supporting owners and their dogs during crate rest & restricted exercise


To support as many dogs and owners as we can, we work alongside vets, therapists and other professionals to enable you to offer The Recovery Box to your clients. 

Many dog owners find crate rest a stressful experience for both the dog and themselves. Our research has shown that owners tend to struggle with their dogs barking, whining, struggling to settle, and becoming overexcited. Owners often turn to Google for help, and with a huge variety of advice on offer from a wide range of sources it's difficult for owners to know what to do for the best. Struggling with their dogs behaviour during crate rest or restricted exercise is a common cause of non-compliance with veterinary or professional advice.

We've collaborated with a range of professionals and industry experts to put together a package of products and advice to help owners keep their dogs mentally stimulated, happy and calm during a period of crate rest or restricted exercise, helping to ensure owner compliance to give the dog an optimal environment for recovery.

On top of the benefits relieving stress has on recovery and overall health, recent research has shown that providing enrichment can decrease pain perception and decrease recovery time in a range of conditions in mice - you can find more about the research here.


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