The Recovery Box

The Recovery Box has been specially created to support owners of dogs that require crate rest, restricted exercise or have a condition that impacts their mobility.


As dog owners ourselves we know how stressful crate rest can be for both dog and owner! Whether your dog has had surgery, an illness, injury, or suffers from a longer term condition such as arthritis that impacts their mobility, crate rest or restricted exercise can cause a big upheaval in the everyday life of both you and your dog. Our dogs quickly become bored and frustrated which can show in a wide variety of ways.


Common crate rest behaviour problems include:

 Barking & Whining 

Unable to settle e.g pacing

Destructive Behaviour e.g. chewing and digging

Over excitable

Quiet & Withdrawn

Changes in how they interact with you e.g. they may seem 'grumpy' and not want to be handled

+ many more


Just like with us humans, there's a huge link between our dog's stress levels and their health - research has shown that stress impacts a whole range of body systems and can have a negative impact on both their recovery and their overall well being. Keeping our dogs happy, calm and settled during their period of crate rest or restricted exercise not only helps to prevent the problems listed above, but can actually help to speed up their recovery and even decrease their perception of pain!   


The Recovery Box is packed with enrichment products, activities and expert advice to to prevent boredom and give your dog a calm, stress free recovery. 


Inside the box you'll find our crate rest survival guide alongside a range of fantastic enrichment products your dog will love including a Lickimat, Kong and snuffle ball, along with some Pet Remedy Calming Wipes and 'Slurps', a tasty nutritious drink for dogs that perfect for your Lickimat or Kong


 We've teamed up with a range of guest experts and pet professionals to make sure you're getting the most up to date advice on how to keep your dog entertained, calm and happy. We only ever include positive training methods and make sure the welfare of your dog is at the heart of everything we do! Our Crate Rest Survival Guide is packed with practical tips and activities to take the stress out of crate rest, along with some background on the science behind it for those of you who like to dig a bit deeper!


In The Recovery Guide you'll find:

- An introduction to stress and why our dogs might  find crate rest a struggle. If we understand why our dogs are behaving the way they are it makes it much easier to find the best way to help them! We also look at how keeping your dog happy can have soe huge benefits on their overall health and wellbeing.

- Crate Training -  whether your dog has been crated beofre, or it's a completely new experience fr them we'll help you to make sure they love their crate and really  want to spend time in it.

- Making the most of their food - if you normally feed your dog form a bowl then crate rest is a great opportunity to get more creeative with how you feed them and use their daily food allowance to keep them entertained.

- Enrichment Activities - we look at what enrichment is, the natural behaviours such as sniffing and chewing that our dogs love to do, and how we can incorporate them into some fun boredom busting activities.   

- Training Activities - a range of new tricks and commands you can teach your dog that require minimal movement, but will help keep their brains engaged and let you spend some qaulity time together. 


The Recovery Box is available in 4 sizes to ensure the products are suitable for the size of your dog.

Small - dogs up to 9 Kg      Medium - Dogs 10 - 16 Kg    Large - Dogs 17 - 30 Kg    X-Large - Dogs over 30 Kg



Please note: While the activities in the guide are designed for dogs on a period of crate rest, every dog is different and what they are able to do will depend on their condition. Not every activity in this guide will be suitable for every dog so it's important to make sure any activities you try are safe and suitable for your dog and fall within your vets guidelines. If you have any doubt about the suitability of an activity please consult your veterinary practice for advice.

If you're a vet, physiotherapist, hydrotherapist, behaviourist, pet retailer or dog professional, and are interested in the recovery box for your clients/ customers, please click here for more details on the different ways we can work together.



What our customers say.....

  • Kirsty

    " All Fabulous! Great! My beagle is very nose/food dominated so has benefitted so much from having lots of different activities to do to keep him occupied. Lots of interesting info included in pack too. It was excellent value for money. "


The Recovery Box - Small (Dogs up to 9 Kg)
£ 26.99

The Recovery Box - Medium (Dogs 10 - 16 Kg)
£ 28.99

The Recovery Box - Large (17 - 30 Kg)
£ 31.99

The Recovery Box - X-Large (30 Kg +)
£ 33.99