So what is enrichment? 


Enrichment is defined as 'Something you add to your dogs environment that they choose to interact with and that has a positive impact on their psychological and/or physical well being.'


Although this sounds daunting, it's just about adding some mental stimulation to your dogs day and having lots of fun along the way! Giving your dogs brain a work out is just as important as providing them with physical exercise, and the benefits can be huge. 


When our dogs are bored, they start to do all sorts of things we'd rather they didn't from excessive barking & whining, destructive behaviour, attention seeking, escaping, hyperactivity to being quiet and withdrawn, or even signs depression. 


Adding some really simple actvitites to their day can be a great way to help with these problems and so many more, creating a calm, happy dog! 

Download our free enrichment guide for more information as well as some simple activities you can try straight away.