Welcome to The Cognitive Canine Company



The Cognitive Canine Company was inspired by my Shetland Sheepdog Poppy.


Poppy can find the world a bit of a scary place - she can be worried about strange people, strange dogs, strange places - pretty much anything. At one stage we couldn't even manage to go for a walk! It's been a long journey, and there have been so many times that we've felt like we're going backwards rather than forwards, but all the effort has been worthwhile and she's now a very happy dog that I can take pretty much anywhere! 


Through working with Poppy, I discovered a real passion for dog training and have gone on to become a qualified dog trainer after completing the Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek courses with Absolute Dogs, run by veterinary behaviourist Dr Tom Mithcell, and international agility champion & dog trainer Lauren Langman. This means I'm able to support owners with their dog's training and behaviour with innovative games based training, using the latest scientific research to make training fun for dog and owner to get real life transformations. 


There are so many dog trainers who have come into the profession inspired by the struggles they've had with their own dog and this is definitely true for me. Before dog training, I completed a Biochemistry degree at uni (so love getting stuck into all the dog training science!) and then owned a children's toy shop for 10 years, so it's not been the most straight forward route to dog training! 


I'm passionate about supporting owners to have the best possible relationship with their dog, and I know from personal experience what a huge impact it can have on every part of your life if you're struggling with your dog at the moment. Everything we do at The Cognitive Canine Company has been designed to help you have a calm, happy and contented dog - it's the foundation of any struggle you might be having with your dog and the key to a brilliant relationship.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or would like some more information - I'm always happy to chat all things dogs!